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Tip - While you are trying to find Double Glazing then be aware that when trying to decide which suppliers in and around Kent are providing you with the best quote look out for hidden costs and make sure you know everything that you are going to be charged for.

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Low maintenance UPVC or traditional wood frames? Use our design guide to choose the type of double glazing you want.

Take into consideration the style of your property and choose the type that matches your property and enhances its looks. UPVC windows and doors are available, not only in white but also a range of woodgrain effects from light Oak through to dark Mahogany, to compliament the look of your property.

Using your choice of double glazing combined with the size and quantity of windows and doors you require, our calculator will come up with a price guide for you.

You can change either the type of double glazing or the quanity of units to see what difference it is likely to make to the price. Remember however that this is only an online estimate and that products and prices vary considerably from one supplier to another.
Submit your details to our system and get quotes from specialist suppliers and installers. Compare their prices to make sure you are getting the best price.

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Tips for Double Glazing in and around Kent

Tip - If you are looking for Double Glazing in and around Kent bear in mind that advertisements in directories, press, radio or television are no proof to the suppliers competence, anyone can place an advert, join a trade body or display badges they’re not entitled to.

Tip - When you are trying to find Double Glazing it might be worth considering that for the vast majority of sales reps in and around Kent the bulk of their income comes from you placing an order. Their commission will usually be around 5-10% of your order value and they will often be able to double that if you take out and stick with their finance plan. So you are likely to be faced with a host of sales techniques, offers and promotions all designed to get your signature on the order form.

Tip - While you are looking for Double Glazing then be aware that sales reps in and around Kent are usually self-employed and pay all their own petrol, car and phone expenses, so they foot the bill for coming to see you. This is one of the main reasons why they don’t want to come back to get you to sign the order form and will try their hardest to get you to sign of their first visit, particularly if they have travelled 1- 2 hours to get to you.

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