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Choose your type of Double Glazing
Choose a style of double glazing that matches your property and enhances its appearance. Take a look at properties similar to yours in the area and compare the effect of various replacement window types.

Then use our guide to help choose between double glazed units in traditional wooden frames or low maintenance UPVC frames.

Use our Online Price Calculator
Having choosen the style of double glazing you want, BestQuote Double Glazing Kent price calculator will provide an estimate of the likely price that your double glazing will cost based upon the number of window and doors you select.

The simpler the design and the fewer the openings, the cheaper your double glazing will generally be but always make sure you have adequate numbers of opening windows

Get the BestQuote from suppliers
Our online estimate of the price you are likely to pay for your double glazing should be read as only a budget. To find out the real cost, our system will help you search for the best local suppliers from whom to get quotes.

Compare both their products and their prices and when making your decision remember that the lowest cost is not necessarily the best value for money

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Tip - If you are trying to find Double Glazing then be aware that some less reputable suppliers in and around Kent will try to fool you into thinking that you have got a bargain. One common tactic used is to give a price which is always far too high and then make a big play, about having forgotten to include something major, which would push the price up considerably and that they’ve already given the price so you feel like you have got a bargain and got one over on the rep, don’t be fooled it’s just another sales trick.

Tip - When you are searching for Double Glazing bear in mind that a good tip to help you get a substantial discount on your replacement windows from companies in and around Kent, is to wait until the sales rep gives you your price, then wince and say that is far too much. The sales rep will then almost certainly ask what you were expecting or how much is too much? Give a price about which is about half their price and simply wait for the sales rep to think up a reason why he can give you that substantial discount which he or she believes will win your business.

Tip - If you are looking for Double Glazing in and around Kent bear in mind what Guarantee is offered? What does it cover and for how long? Frames, Glass and Installation guarantee periods can vary. Ideally you should be looking for a minimum of 10 years on Frames, Glass and Installation. Is it “insurance backed” in the event of insolvency?

Tip - When you are trying to find Double Glazing and you want to get suppliers in and around Kent to give you a discount try posing any of the following phrases, “I’ve had a quote ½ that from ABC Company and their quality is just as good”, “It’s too much I can’t afford that”, “I like your product, but if that’s your best price, I’ll have to get a few more quotes”, “How much could you give me off this price if I take out your finance?”, most sales reps will respond with some form of offer.

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